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Multan Stadium PSL 8 Venue, Mega Event Starter Ground

Multan Stadium | PSL 8 Venue | Mega Event Starter Ground

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Multan Stadium | PSL 8 Venue | Mega Event Starter Ground, Home to the Multan Sultans of the Pakistani Super League (PSL), Multan International Cricket Stadium is one of the few multi-purpose stadiums in the country that can host both cricket and football matches on site. . The verdant courtyard with manicured football fields and neat, clean rows of seats make it one of the best sporting venues in Multan. Before looking at the match stats and various records of matches held here, let’s take a look at the history of Multan Cricket Stadium.

Multan Stadium | PSL 8  Venue | Mega Event Starter Ground
Multan Stadium PSL 8 | Venue, Mega Event Starter Ground


The lush green outfield of Multan Cricket Stadium

Multan Cricket Stadium has replaced Ibn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium, which opened in 1975 and can accommodate 18,000 spectators at a time. Qasim Bagh Stadium, also known as Old Fort Stadium, is also a multi-purpose field used for both football and cricket matches. Only three matches have taken place at this sporting venue. One was a test match between Pakistan and the West Indies in 1980, while two international matches were held – one in 1982 between Pakistan and India and the last in 1994 between Pakistan and Australia. Various sporting events are still held at the Qasim Bagh Stadium, but are no longer suitable for international cricket events. Therefore, a modern and well-equipped cricket ground is required to be able to host international cricket events on its premises. This led to the establishment of Multan Cricket Stadium in 2001 by the Pakistan Cricket Council.

Multan Stadium | PSL 8  Venue | Mega Event Starter Ground

The first Test match at Multan Cricket Stadium was played in 2001 between Pakistan and Bangladesh for the Asian Test Championship. A memorable one-day international match was held between great rivals Pakistan and India in 2006. This was a 4th day international match held at the sports venue and India was the winner won the match by a margin of 5 goals. Avid cricket fans remember the record-breaking test match between Pakistan and India held at Multan Cricket Stadium in 2004, where Virender Sehwag broke a three-century record of 309 runs and led India. A spectacular victory over Pakistan. This is all the more important as Sehwag is the only Indian player to score twice in three centuries. One was in the test match at Multan Cricket Stadium as mentioned above and the other was in Chennai, India in 2008 against South Africa where Sehwag broke 319 runs. 

Multan International Cricket Stadium is ready for a match

As it is the home ground of Super League Multan Sultans of Pakistan, many PSL T20 matches have been held at Multan Cricket Stadium. In the 5th edition of PSL, three matches of Multan Sultans took place on 26, 28 and 29 February 2020.  To promote international cricket, the Pakistan Cricket Council has invited Zimbabwe to play a series of cricket matches against Pakistan at their stadium in October 2020. Several international matches against Zimbabwe will also be held at the Stadium. Cricket Multan for cricket fans to enjoy. , because after a period of 12 years ODI will be held at this cricket ground.

Multan Stadium | PSL 8  Venue | Mega Event Starter Ground


Multan Cricket Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, owned by the Pakistan Cricket Board. The stadium is situated in the outskirts of Multan on Vehari Road in Gulshan-e-Yousuf. Naseerabad, Ali Town, Nazir Colony and Tahir Colony are some neighbourhoods situated in close proximity to the international stadium in Multan.


The seating capacity at Multan Cricket Stadium is around 30,000

Multan Cricket Stadium has the honor of being the second largest cricket ground in the country. Karachi’s National Stadium is the largest and can accommodate around 34,000 cricket fans at a time. Multan Cricket Stadium has a capacity of 30,000 spectators at a time. 

This famous cricket stadium in Multan has all facilities for both players and spectators. The courtyard is green and has beautiful terrain. Floodlights are installed on the site to facilitate matches day and night.

Multan Stadium | PSL 8  Venue | Mega Event Starter Ground
PSL 8 Venue

The first day and night ODI between Pakistan and Bangladesh was held, in which Pakistan won.  The stadium was renovated and upgraded in 2018 to accommodate Pakistani Super League T20 (PSL) matches. Grass was replanted on the site and new media were set up to facilitate the work of journalists. One of the features of Multan Cricket Stadium is that there is less distance between the seating area and the ground allowing you to get a close look at the players in action.


  • The distance between the ground and the seating area is much shorter and cricket fans can keep a close eye on the players  
  • This is the second largest cricket stadium in Pakistan with a capacity of 30,000 seats. The largest cricket ground in the country is in Karachi and can accommodate around 35,000 cricket fans.
  • Multan Cricket Stadium hosted the first Test in 2001 and the last ODI  in 2006
  • Last match of T20 PSL takes place in February 2020
  • Sehwag broke the record  of 309 rounds in the Test match between Pakistan and India in 2004
  • Multan Cricket Stadium was renovated in 2018 to host PSL matches.
  • After a period of 12 years, with the final ODI in 2008, international matches will be held at Multan Cricket Stadium as Zimbabwe Cricket Team is visiting Pakistan in October, 2020 to play a series.
Multan Stadium PSL 8  Venue, Mega Event Starter Ground
Mega Event Starter Ground

So, this was a quick overview of the Multan Cricket Stadium. If you are a die-hard cricket fan, then do check out other cricket stadiums in Pakistan. We have also covered blogs on PSL cricket events that were previously held.

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