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PM Change The Chairman of PCB

Najam Sethi In Ramiz Raja out | PM Change The Chairman of PCB

Najam Sethi In Ramiz Raja out | PM Change The Chairman of PCB, Ramiz Raja’s days as PCB president may be numbered as measures begin to remove him Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has approved Najam Sethi as the Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board.
In this regard, the sources have to say that the official notification of the appointment of Najam Sethi as the Chairman PCB is something.
Will be released later.

Najam Sethi In Ramiz Raja out | PM Change The Chairman of PCB

Sources further inform that 4 notifications will be issued, 2019 cricket board constitution will be abolished, two nominated names of Prime Minister will also be abolished in 2019, 2014 constitution will be restored in the third notification. will go and in the fourth notification a setup will be announced to run the existing board.

Najam Sethi will replace Ramiz Raja as the chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board.
It is to be remembered that a few days ago Najam Sethi met Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in which Shehbaz Sharif decided to make Najam Sethi the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board.

The British vindication gave impetus to the decision to withdraw Ramiz, but the path forward unless he steps down is unclear. by Najam Sethi, the former council chief who resigned after Imran Khan became the country’s prime minister in 2018. However, the process to do so is legally complicated, though one of the ways. possible is to restore the PCB constitution as it is in 2014. other banks in the national cricket scene. These parts have been removed from the facility by Imran’s government.

The big change ahead, however, will be the end of Ramiz’s term, ending a presidency that begins in September 2021 on the assumption that a former cricketer is the best fit to handle matters. domestic cricket topics. But his future has been largely uncertain since the day Imran and his government were ousted in April 2022 under controversial circumstances following a vote of no confidence in the country’s parliament.

This shift is still happening within the political sphere of the country, but in particular, the impact on PCBs is negligible. Usually, with a change in government, a change in the executive chairman of the board of directors is seen as inevitable and immediate – the question is when not.

Najam Sethi In Ramiz Raja out | PM Change The Chairman of PCB
Najam Sethi In Ramiz Raja out

But as the new government, with a broad coalition of political parties, finds its way through the country’s most pressing priorities – including the growing economic crisis – Ramiz remains within reach. view and continue to hold this position. Since then, speculation that he was about to change has been almost constant, although only now has there been movement at the government level, following the momentum gained following Pakistan’s historic defeat to England 0-3. at home, a match that now includes the Test team losing four consecutive Home Tests for the first time in the country’s history and winning none of the six Home Tests. out in 2022.

Ramiz took on more of a hands-on role on cricket matters in his time and as a result he was more closely involved with team results than his predecessor Ehsan Mani, for example. Against that would be the fact that he oversaw the completion of two of the highest-level visits to Pakistan in more than a decade — by Australia and Britain — and took charge as Pakistan reached the semi-finals and final. Men’s T20 World Cup Consecutive National Cup and AFC Asian Cup final.

But there are obstacles on how to get rid of Ramiz. The Department of Interprovincial Coordination (IPC) has confirmed to ESPNcricinfo that it is working on a directive to reinstate gaming divisions and reinstate the 2014 board charter as directed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif of the land. country.

The prime minister is also said to have thought of a few names – including Sethi – whom he could appoint directly to the PCB board of governors, as his prerogative. Najam Sethi In Ramiz Raja out | PM Change The Chairman of PCB. One of these appointees is usually elected chairman of the board – constitutionally, there is an election to be president, but in reality it’s just a formality: prime minister in terms of office. appointment of the president.

As it stands, the current PCB constitution – implemented by Mani in 2019 – contains no provision allowing the prime minister/boss to remove or remove the incumbent president. The only way a president can be removed from office is by a vote of no confidence from the board, which requires a three-quarter majority.

Normally, if the boss wants to change the chairman, it is unusual for the incumbent to stay, but it is unclear whether Ramiz – who has stated he does not want to resign – wants to resign. In 2018, when Imran was elected prime minister, Sethi resigned, leaving Imran to bring in Mani. Similarly, Mani refused an extension last year after completing a three-year term, paving the way for Imran to appoint Ramiz.

Najam Sethi In Ramiz Raja out | PM Change The Chairman of PCB
PM Change The Chairman of PCB

If Ramiz refuses to step down and there is no vote of no confidence against him, there doesn’t appear to be a clear constitutional process to remove him. Aside from the president, the government’s main task is to bring the sets back, which in theory would allow hundreds of players to return to the first-class group through jobs in those sets.

This change in national structure was spurred by Imran himself, who had long wanted Pakistan’s national landscape to emulate the Australian model – a provincial model, with six teams of Pakistani provinces competing. compete in all competitions. But with Imran’s departure, a group of former board members began to urge the government to return to its previous national structure, in which departmental groups such as WAPDA, SNGPL and PIA were part of the round. top racing.

The PCB has been criticized at various times for the county’s decision to abolish cricket, which has resulted in hundreds of stroke-stricken cricketers losing their jobs. But it should be noted that some divisions have closed their sports operations even before Imran was in charge, and in the current economic conditions banks may not be keen on hiring an advocacy team. cricket ball.

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