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PCB management board appoints temporary male selection committee

The governing board of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) headed by Najam Sethi on Saturday appointed former captain Shahid Afridi as  interim head of the  national men’s selection committee for the home series against New Zealand, the commission said. announced in a press release. According to the PCB, Abdul Razzaq and Rao Iftikhar Anjum will also serve on the tour-specific committee, while council management committee member  Haroon Rashid will act as convenors.

PCB management board appoints temporary male selection committee, These committees have announced the interim selection committee in former captain Shahid Afridi, the selection committee has named all the same Krishan Chandra and Baat. The board is not such a thing. The committee is Abdul Razzaq, the former all-rounder, his shoulders and the former fast bowler Rahat Kar, its members spoke well.

Shahid Afridi
Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi’s first time in the Pakistan Cricket Board’s seat came to the selection committee and there were accusations on the Election Commission that he was too much Babar Azam. Ghous Azam had let it happen that there were question marks on the selection committee too, then you should take one in the country. Muhammad Wasim was the chief selector before that.

  • Did he resign? Did he remove Shahid Afridi?
  • Has the matter of the joint selection of the selection committee been settled?
  • What is the public opinion of the action committee on this, that while watching Shahid Afridi’s offensive speech and writing a section of Jawan, after the prayer, his father of the Zia Bank Commission ever comes to the fore?

I also like Merit a lot Yada khoob must not be met in Shahid Afridi’s international cricket, he used the same cassette style for cricket and the PML ticket renter cricket matches in test cricket, so our nation has become a salesman. The most important thing that will be done is to improve Pakistan’s army. Bible and red ball cricketers should be kept apart so that Englishmen don’t have problems. Most of them are becoming flowers. This should be preceded by Shahid Afridi. Thank you, Shah.

New Zealand is set to play two Tests and three One Day Internationals on its first tour to Pakistan in 19 years. They arrive here on Thursday and will  play the First Test at the National Stadium on Monday.  Sethi, the head of the PCB management committee, expressed full confidence in the newly formed committee, saying:

PCB management board appoints temporary male selection committee

“I have no doubt that despite the limited time, they will make courageous decisions and being bold helped us create a strong and competitive team in the series against New Zealand.  He hailed Afridi as an “offensive cricketer” and said  his 20 years of experience in all forms with remarkable success has always supported and nurtured young talent. “So in our general opinion, there is no one better  than him to understand the rigors, demands and challenges of the modern game.”

Najam Sethi said he is confident that Afridi’s

                         “Deep knowledge and understanding of the game will help Pakistan select the best and most deserving players and contribute to the team’s success in the upcoming series.” next.”

The PCB statement quoted Afridi as thanking the board for the honor. The former captain said he will do his best to fulfill his responsibilities.

 “We need to get back on the winning track and I have no doubt that through worthy and strategic selection decisions we will help the national team do well in the series against New Zealand and take back the trust of the fans,” he added. 

The former captain said he will convene a managers’ meeting soon and share his plans regarding upcoming matches.  Shahid Afridi  played 27 Tests, 398 ODIs and 99 T20s between 1996 and 2018, in which he accumulated a total of 11,196 runs and won 541 championships. He also captained the national team in 83 international matches. He also played a key role for the national team in winning the T20 World Cup title in 2009.

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