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Najam Sethi appointment’ as PCB chairman

PM Shehbaz ‘approves Najam Sethi’s appointment’ as PCB chairman

PM Shehbaz ‘approves Najam Sethi’s appointment’ as PCB chairman. The committee was tasked with reinstating the PCB’s 2014 charter. An announcement of the commission’s establishment will be made after the approval of the federal cabinet. Ramiz Raja is no longer the chairman of PCB. His removal from the current post and board was formally initiated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, who is also the boss of the cricket board.

A 14-member steering committee, headed by former board director and prominent media analyst Najam Sethi, including former Pakistan captains Shahid Afridi and Sana Mir, will take over on a temporary basis. business. The Commission will have 120 days to amend the PCB’s charter, bringing the 2014 version back to replace the current version (made in 2019).

PM Shehbaz ‘approves Najam Sethi's appointment’ as PCB chairman
Najam Sethi

The PCB Management Committee will consist of the Chairman/CEO and the required members are

Mr. Najam Aziz Sethi (Chairman)
Mr. Shakil Sheikh (member)
Mr. Gul Zada ​​(member)
Mr. Noman Butt (member)
Mr. Haroon Rashid (member)
Ms. Sana Mir (member)
Mr. Aizad Syed (member)
Mr. Tanvir Ahmed (member)
Mr. Gul Muhammad Kakar (member)
Mr. Ayaz Butt (member)
Mr. Shahid Khan Afridi (member)
Mr. Shafqat Rana (member)
Mr. Mustafa Ramday (member)
Ch. Arif Said (member)

A more formal notice of events had been previously issued by the Prime Minister’s office, and a summary from the Department of Interprovincial Coordination (IPC) confirms speculation that has built up over the past two days, caused by failures. Pakistan’s defeat in Karachi against Britain.

The loss completed an unprecedented 0-3 home loss. Establishment of a Management Committee to manage the affairs of the PCB with full executive power for the purpose of restoring the cricket structure of the division and other related matters, including the appointment of the Board of Governors and elect the president, as provided for in the 2014 constitution, within 120 days,” the statement read.

Sethi tweeted on Wednesday night.

“The cricket regime headed by Ramiz Raja is no more. The 2014 PCB constitution stands restored. The Management Committee will work tirelessly to revive first class cricket. Thousands of cricketers will be employed again. The famine in cricket will come to an end.”

The PCB has been criticized for abolishing the county’s cricket, as it has left hundreds of cricketers unemployed in one fell swoop. It should be noted that some departments have closed their sports activities even before Imran’s change and in the current economic situation these organizations may not want to hire a team of cricketers.

Sethi served as head of PCB in one capacity or another from 2013 to 2018, although the time was initially embroiled in legal battles with his predecessor Zaka Ashraf; he resigned after Imran became prime minister in August 2018.

As the first president of the federation, he oversaw the birth of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and was in charge during the earliest visit. of teams to international organizations in Pakistan, ending the period of isolation that began after the 2009 terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore.

PM Shehbaz ‘approves Najam Sethi's appointment’ as PCB chairman
PM | Shahbaz Shareef

For Ramiz, whose position has been the subject of speculation since Imran’s ouster as prime minister, the change will end a short but turbulent term. It was Imran who brought Ramiz in September 2021 on the premise that a former cricketer was the best fit to tackle domestic cricket affairs. But time is running out since Imran and his government were ousted in April under controversial circumstances following a vote of no confidence in the country’s parliament.

The impact of this change is still being felt across the political spectrum of the country, but unusually for the time, the impact on PCBs was negligible. Usually, with a change of government, a change in the chairman and executive board of the board is inevitable and immediate. But as the new government, with a broad coalition of political parties, finds its way through the country’s most pressing priorities – including the growing economic crisis – Ramiz remains within reach. view and continue to hold this position.

However, momentum against him built after Pakistan’s 0-3 loss to England at home – a match in which the Test team have now lost four Tests in a row at home for the first time in history of the country and have not won a single six at home. The trials took place in 2022. Over the past few days, Sethi along with other top officials of the proposed management committee have begun to play a role in political circles in Islamabad.

PM Shehbaz ‘approves Najam Sethi's appointment’ as PCB chairman
PM Shehbaz ‘approves Najam Sethi’s appointment’ as PCB chairman

Ramiz took on a more hands-on role with cricket issues in his time, but as a result he was more closely linked to team results, such as his predecessor Ehsan Mani. He is sure to highlight his track record by overseeing the completion of two of the highest-level visits to Pakistan in more than a decade – by Australia and Britain – and taking charge as Pakistan enters the semi-finals. conclude. Men’s T20 World Cup Finals. and the Asian Cup final.

Babar Azam’s position

Meanwhile, Babar Azam’s position as senior men’s team captain is unlikely to be affected by the restructuring of the leadership, although rumors of a change have been circulating since the comeback 3. -0 of the England team in the test series has just ended . Historically in Pakistani cricket, a change in PCB management has resulted in new leaders in the team, but Azam has been appointed to lead the team in the next series in New Zealand and is expected will continue in the new year.

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