You are currently viewing Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue
Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue

Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue

Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue,

Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue for the PSL 8 The first big meeting of Pakistan Cricket Board was held yesterday under the vision of the Chairman Najam Sethi, in which he will see many big announcements. In the accompanying video, I highlighted the school meeting. If I had done it, I would have gone and watched it, but especially this video is being made by the latest Dewan.

Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue
Bugti Cricket Stadium in Quetta

The latest update is being given to you. This is today’s video of the Bugti Cricket Stadium. Tomorrow, when I am with you at the Bugti Cricket Stadium in Quetta. He shared the breaking news with his father. He also shared a lot of comment cycles and the latest video.

The leaders are also sharing it with you. Their hearts do not know about this team. After the Supreme Court, after seven 30, that is, for the first time after seven news, the Abrichs team is being added as a football team. The schedule will be delayed a little because of how the matches will be played in the light.

Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue
Quetta | Renovation of Bugti Cricket Stadium | 5th Venue for the PSL 8, The first big meeting of Pakistan Cricket Board was held yesterday under the vision of the Chairman Najam Sethi,

All the highlights of the PCB meeting that was held have been posted on the off-site website and Quetta’s budget. Regarding the stadium, a proposal was made for a match to be happy. FC has also wrapped it with firing. Seeing the condition of the hotel of the team, many people will be sports. The winter season is going on. It has to be heard here. Because of what happened to his body, apart from the good out, there is a lot of work to be done in the polymedia box in the hundreds.

In the coming one and a half months, there is a lot of work to be done for Peshawar Stadium in addition to Quetta, but now the conscious video is complete. If you think so, the video will be longer. In it, only Quetta will be discussed. Many people were asking about it. Therefore, with the Indian video, the ladies should be behind and all should be the same. What Najmsethi said, he will also share the weather video, it is connected till the end, that suddenly there was a bad hope that you will do the upcoming updates and upload the video.

People used to release this Look at the Bugatti Cricket Stadium first. In winter, you go to this topic and due to the tournament season, the graph here becomes dull, but I am following this Hussain and Australia, I will tell them. The latest men have been lost because of the Urdu season, this is not the way either, but Australia is very good and nothing has happened here since years, then he used to get missed calls, whenever this happened, Hafiz Al Ghaira used to take it, but now. In the upcoming steps, Patel reservation people will work here across Balochistan

The Australian Foreign Minister Hillary has gone but there is no flat facility in the stadium, so it can be direct, the time of day can be today and therefore some one to two matches will be shown. In the name of Dhar, what is felt here should be given one to two matches, in which he will be added in the period of temptations, and like sometimes he is on foot in the team of Gladiators, because he will be given in this way, Islamabad Rawalpindi. Lahore, Gaddafi, Karachi, not only from Karachi to Multan Multan Cricket Stadium, you will meet me in your own ground.

He said that we have commented with Balochistan administration people and they also talked with four Nizami Charsi Dhola Foul who is the Corps Commander who used to be 100 of the Army and now there is no Corps Commander here. You should feel that the people of Quetta have it Because it is the responsibility of the security forces, the situation in Balochistan, Quetta is not the same as before. If the situation has ever improved, I can share it in the comments of Quetta. Then, please, all internationals, it is not easy to get any treatment. It is a big challenge for the past. If they go, then it will be easy, by which they were bringing PSL back to Karachi, they used to ask him such questions as not to come with the original of Pakistan and to do this good work, how can they forget? It was done every year since then, the rest of the people who are saying that the police or doing corruption commission, Gorz, father, we don’t go. Yes, they also went big, but they used to come after Noor, so there were many things left.

The purpose is that not often, anyone has spent enough time in ID. They know all the things. How do they know what to do, how to bring things up next, and always do it? Hey Najam Sethi Ho and come whatever it is but work for Pakistan bring the best in Pakistan Cricket Board and especially focus on infrastructure it has to be improved Peshawar is now being added but told him that in its readiness She will not be ready either, I told her in the international cricket in Peshawar.

Therefore, in one day, there is no chair lift, no government VIP sex, the rest of the big cock, much more money can be stadium matches, but things can give success in front of women education. It is possible that for two matches, Bhattian will be passed, son, it is the same, my dear, how are you? It may be okay, if the doctor is admitted, then it is also international cricket.

Media Pakistan stander has a lot of work to appeal since I We will spend money and it was seen that our own team will also go to the development of our own infrastructure. I will do it, he will walk a little bit in this matter from the looks of it. Let’s prove to Australia by spending money there and then what is the matter that will be found out in this coming explosion, I will keep you updated. They are with you, they will be looking for others, there is a franchise for Quetta.

PCB Chairman Najam Sethi said that for the Indian cricket team, it should be done so that you don’t do this tomorrow. As soon as we hear this, after that, whenever we want the stadium in lifestyle, what will the Balochistan government do by earning it, we will also send our own team, we will also worry about ourselves and we will fix what we are talking about in the country. You have listened to most of them and shared many other things. We are preparing Australia.

English paper of Quetta Balochistan. Make a video in Balochistan. There are many stages now. What were the Indian teams coming? What was the hope? The tanks of the latest weather condition come before you, so it is enough to work on time The only thing in the dia box was that only he was being given water etc. Like the PSB chairman said that the third video has started with Hussain who has been making video calls, you can ask for any service commission.

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